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LTD Madara932012-07-15

LTD Madara93 was founded in 1993. It’s main work is based with grocery stores. At this point there are five grocery stores in Latvia that owns Madara93. In 2003 three companies incorporated and made a company named SIA ”Iepirkumu grupa”, who founded a grocery retail stores Top!. LTD Madara93 also joined SIA ”Iepirkuma grupa” and it was their first experience working in such companies where together are incorporated small and medium size entrepreneurs.

Without grocery stores in 1997 they opened a building material store and now they have two stores – in Limbaži and Aloja. Just a short time after LTD L.B.T.S. was founed, LTD Madara93 made a decision to join a list of the partners. They think that the reasons of joining L.B.T.S. was already got experience in SIA ”Iepirkumu grupa”, where they understand how important is for small and medium size entrepreneurs to work together for getting best possible result.