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LTD Māris&Co2012-07-12

LTD Maris&Co was founded in 1992 by it’s current chairman of the board Mr. Maris Malmeisters. Company started it’s business by opening grocery store in Dzelmes. Among years it developed and LTD Maris&Co founded as well restaurant, building material store and bakery. Today at the company works 56 employees and continues it’s further development. Goal of the company is to provide quality building material and food services as well as bakery products.

LTD Maris&Co is participating in LBTS with it’s two building material stores located in Lielvarde and Jumprava.

Chairman of the board Mr. Maris Malmeisters thinks that incorporation was very smart decision, which promoted competitiveness of the store in Latvia as well as gave other benefits in working in LBTS.

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In this following video (click here) you can learn more about LTD Maris&Co magazines.